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Cannon Sloop Diana - Experiential sails in the style of the 18th century in the waters near Suomenlinna

Cannon Sloop Diana's Features


18th Century

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What would it have been like to row the cannon sloop that belonged to Viapori’s archipelago fleet? Large wooden oars have been carved for the cannon sloop Diana, so the vessel can be rowed just like its role models Read more

Charter Sailings

Cannon sloop Diana’s sailings offer groups atmospheric and unique sea voyages onboard an old vessel and a sense of history in an interesting and exciting way. Alongside the maritime voyage, conference and catering Read more

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Cannon Sloop Diana Construction

Diana Construction Footage
Sloop Construction Video
Artillery Magnifiers
Cannon Sloop Video
Metropolia's Video
Metropolian video

Other Programs & Packages

Meeting and catering tours

Tasty Meals, Crown Meetings, & Occasions

Booking catering for meetings and various occasions as part of a meeting package is also conveniently handled through us. Catering and their timing can be tailored to the wishes of your group. Read more

Suomenlinna fortress

Suomenlinna Guided Tours

Guided tours in Suomenlinna are subject to a permit and authorized Suomenlinna guides are guides trained by the Ehrensvärd Society, in co-operation with the National Board of Antiquities and the Suomenlinna administration. We organize both public tours and guided tours for groups. There are about 50 guides and guides are given in up to 15 different languages. Read more


Cannon Sloop Diana in Gustav III War

Sweden had lost large areas to Russia in the aftermath of the Great Northern War and the Hat of War. However, King Gustav III of Sweden nurtured hope for the restoration of the old territories to Sweden and, as a result, for Sweden to be brought back into the ranks of the great powers.

Archipelago Navy

Viapori Commandant Augustin Ehrensvärd divided the crew of the archipelago fleet under the army into two groups: his own permanent crew and borrowed crew. The permanent crew was maintained during both war and peace and was in charge of the archipelago fleet. The borrowed crew, in turn, was ordered during the war to reinforce permanent forces.

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